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Date: 8th June 2016
Long life 2V2000Ah Lead Acid AGM Battery for Industry use
Basic Info.Model NO.:CL2-2000Type:Lead-Acid BatteriesUsage:Car,Website:, Bus, UPS, Electric Power, Lighting, Electric Bicycle, BoatNominal Voltage:2VDischarge Rate:Low Discharge RateShape:2V2000ahElectrolyte:AcidInstallation:FixedRechargeable:ChargeableSize:491*351*343*369mmVoltage:2VWeight:132kgsWarranty:3 YearsExpected Cycle Life:10~12 YearsDelivery Time:7 DaysExport Markets:GlobalTerminal Type:T20Capacity:2000ahBrand Name:Cspower/OEM?Industry batteries Additional Info.Trademark:CSPOWER/OEMPacking:CartonStandard:CE, UL, ISO, VDSOrigin:Guangzhou, GuangdongHS Code:8507200000Production Capacity:1, 00, 000PCS/MonthCSPOWER AGM BATTERY Product DescriptionCharacteristicsCL series of 2V VRLA batteries are recognized as the most reliable and high quality battery system in the industry. They are designed with advanced AGM(Absorbent Glass Mat) technology, Long service life designed with 10-12 years, the batteries comply to the most popular international standards, such as IEC60896-21/22, BS6290-4, Eurobat Guide.Advanced Features:1. Environmentally friendly2. Completely Maintenance-Free3. Non-Spillable construction design.4. Wide OperatingTemperatureRange(-20~+60)5. Longer Life(10-12years designed life)6. Explosion Proof7. Valve Regulated & High Discharge Rate Capability8. Low Self Discharge9. Independent of Position10. Ease of Shipment11. No need of balanced charge or boost12. No MemoryApplicationCommunication equipment, Telecommunication control equipment; Emergency lighting systems; Electric power systems; Power station; Nuclear power station; Solar powered and wind powered systems; Load leveling and storage equipment; Marine equipment; Power generation plants; Alarm systems; Uninterruptible power supplies and stand-by power for computers; Medical equipment; Fire and security systems; Control equipment; Stand-by electric power.CSPOWER BATTERY TECH CO., LTD is a professional manufacturer and exporter of environmental friendly Rechargeable Deep Cycle AGM Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) Batteries, Solar GEL Batteries, OPzV Battery, Car/Auto Batteries, Motorcycle Batteries, Telecom Batteries, Lithium batteries and other Solar related products such as Solar inverter, Solar charger controller, Solar panel and so on.Incorporated in 2003, CSPOWER has steadily expanded to approximately 1000 employees which include an experienced management team supported by a team of highly committed technical and manufacturing workers.Located in a world-class, modern industrial park of 100, 000 square meters in Guangdong, China, CSPOWER's top of line facilities produce an annual capacity of approximately 2, 000, 000kVAh.CSPOWER batteries are classified into two categories: Valve-Regulated Lead Acid Battery and GEL Battery. The VRLA battery includes UPS inverter AGM battery, Solar Deep Cycle battery, Car battery, Motorcycle battery, Telecom Front terminal battery; The GEL Battery is Solar Gel electrolyte battery and OPzV Battery, longer life span 15-25years mainly for solar and wind power system.Model NO.Nominal? ? ?Voltage? ? ?(V)Rated Capacity(AH) 20hrs/25Approx. WeightDimensions(mm)Terminal TypekglbsLengthWidthHeightTotal HeightmminchmminchmminchmminchCL2-502502.96.381606.30491.931666.541766.93T12CL2-10021005.612.321716.73712.802078.152278.94T6CL2-1502150817.601726.771024.022078.152278.94T6CL2-200220013.529.701726.771114.3732912.9535614.02T20CL2-300230018.841.361716.731515.9433012.9936614.41T20CL2-400240026.758.742108.271766.9332912.9536614.41T20CL2-50025003168.202419.491726.7733113.0336614.41T20CL2-60026003883.6030111.851756.8933113.0336614.41T20CL2-800280053116.6041016.141756.8933012.9936514.37T20CL2-10002100063138.6047518.701756.8933012.9935614.02T20CL2-12002120069151.8047518.701756.8933012.9935614.02T20CL2-150021500101222.2040115.7935113.8234213.4636914.53T20CL2-180021800120264.0040115.7935113.8234213.4636914.53T20CL2-200022000132290.4049119.3335113.8234313.5036914.53T20CL2-250022500165363.0071027.9535213.8634213.4636914.53T20CL2-300023000195429.0071027.9535213.8634213.4636914.53T20
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