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Date: 30th June 2016
Durable Manufacturer Solar Front Terminal Battery 12V150ah for Solar Storage
Basic Info.Model NO.:FT12-150Type:Lead-Acid BatteriesUsage:Car,Website:, Bus, UPS, Electric Power, Lighting, Electric Bicycle, Boat, Wind and Solar SystemNominal Voltage:12VDischarge Rate:Low Discharge RateShape:Ft12-150ah Front Terminal BatteryElectrolyte:AcidInstallation:FixedRechargeable:ChargeablePackage:CartonSpecification:CE, IEC, ISOTrademark:CSPOWER/OEMOrigin:GuangdongModel:Ft12-150ah Front Terminal BatterySize:551*110*288mmWeight:44kgWarranty:3 YearsDelivery Time:10-15 DaysColor:BlackCapacity:150ahBrand:Cspower/OEMCeritficate:CE, ISO.IECLifespan:10-12 YearsHS Code:8507200000Production Capacity:1000000PCS/MonthProduct DescriptionDurable Manufacturer solar Front terminal battery 12V150ah for solar storageProduct Description?Durable Manufacturer solar Front terminal battery 12V150ah for solar storageCharacteristicsCSPOWER Front Terminal lead acid battery is mainly used in the area of communication, which is novel in design, reasonable in structure and occupying the leading position in the same industry of the world.?As with previous INTELEC (International Telecommunications Energy) conferences, many people were concerned about the life and durability of VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) batteries. It can be employed in numerous applications in the fields of communications. In order to ensure that the power supply is guaranteed at all times, essential facilities are backed up with high performances battery systems. Sudden breaks in the power supply are then no longer a problem. If the power suddenly fails, battery systems take over the emergency supply of power.?Durable Manufacturer solar Front terminal battery 12V150ah for solar storageAdvantages:?1. Sealed free maintenance lead acid battery.?2. Non spillable and water proof.?3. Environmental friendly.?4. Thick pasted plates with high quality lead-tin-calcium alloy grids for long service life5. Centralized venting system for gas ventilation6. Plastics or rope handles for handling and installation convenience7. Front access terminals for easy and quick connection8. Low internal resistance9. Lower self discharge10. Design life is over 12 years11. Case and cover in strong flame retardant ABS, V0 class12. Widely working environment: Can be used at widely difference in temperature from subzero 40 to 60.?Durable Manufacturer solar Front terminal battery 12V150ah for solar storageApplicationControl systems, Electric toys, Emergency lamp, Power tools, Medical treatment equipment, Alarm system, Emergency light system, Standby power supply, UPS and computer standby power supply, Power system, Telecommunication system, Firefighting equipment standby power supply, Railway system, Power station, Ship equipment, Military equipment, Telephone switching system.Model NO.NominalVoltage(V)Rated Capacity(AH) 20hrs/25Approx. WeightDimensions(mm)Terminal TypekglbsLengthWidthHeightTotal HeightmminchmminchmminchmminchFT12-5512551737.527710.91064.172228.742228.74T16FT12-7512752759.6756222.11144.491887.41887.4T16AFT12-1001210030.667.6508201094.292238.782389.37T16FT12-1101211032.571.8339515.511104.2928711.2928711.29T16FT12-120121203883.755121.71094.292399.412399.41T16FT12-1501215050110.2055121.71094.2928811.3428811.34T16FT12-180121805612354721.51254.9231712.4831712.48T16FT12-200122006012656022.11254.9231612.4431612.44T16Easy to install and saving spaceWith front access terminals, it's easy to install and take voltage readings during serviceHigh-energy density: It offers high reliability and delivers superior performance while occupying less space and increasing energy densityGood discharging ability: Radial grid design and tight assembly technology ensures an good high-rate discharge performanceLonger float lifespan: It can be used over 8 years in float using at 25°C temperature with a unique corrosion-resistant grid alloyMaintenance-free operation:Absorbent glass mat (AGM) technology ensures efficient gas recombination up to 99% and freedom from electrolyte maintenanceDuring the expected float service life of Prostar batteries, no need to check the specific gravity of the electrolyte or add waterLow self-discharge: Using high purity raw materials ensures Prostar batteries have less self-dischargeEco-friendly and non-polluting:Gas recombination technology ensures the battery high seal reacting rate, which can prevent the acid fog from separating outSafe and reliable:Efficient venting system automatically release excess gas when the pressure rises above the normal level & reseals the valves when it returns to the normal rate, which can protect the battery from burstingApplied scope:19-/23-inch standard power supply cabinetsCommunication systems: switch, microwave stations, mobile base stations, data centers, radio and broadcasting stationsPower supply system used for special or local area network (LAN)Signal system and emergency lighting systemsEPS and UPS systemsManufacturer Front Terminal Battery 12v 150ah for solar powerNotice?Don't near the hot source and don't under the sunshine.?Don't charge in the sealed container.?No short circuit. It should be addition charge if you don't use, and single charge per three months, to avoid irreversible sulfating. The battery should be changed when the battery jar broken or the electrolyte omitted, to avoid acid corrosion.?Don't store in the space of acid gas.?You should be careful and regular check when use the battery. To avoid the battery don't work. You should change the battery if the capacity is not full or has been damage, especially after one year using.?Don't put the battery in the fire, or it will explode.?Our goal?Creative.?Excellent quality.?Top service.?Stand same line with customer.?Long term business.CSPOWER BATTERY TECH Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer and exporter of environmental friendly Rechargeable Deep Cycle AGM Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) Batteries, Solar GEL Batteries, OPzV Battery, Car/Auto Batteries, Motorcycle Batteries, Telecom Batteries, Lithium batteries and other Solar related products such as Solar inverter, Solar charger controller, Solar panel and so on.?Incorporated in 2003, CSPOWER has steadily expanded to approximately 1000 employees which include an experienced management team supported by a team of highly committed technical and manufacturing workers.?Located in a world-class, modern industrial park of 100, 000 square meters in Guangdong, China, CSPOWER's top of line facilities produce an annual capacity of approximately 2, 000, 000kVAh.?CSPOWER batteries are classified into two categories: Valve-Regulated Lead Acid Battery and GEL Battery. The VRLA battery includes UPS inverter AGM battery, Solar Deep Cycle battery, Car battery, Motorcycle battery, Telecom Front terminal battery; The GEL Battery is Solar Gel electrolyte battery, OPzV battery, longer life span 15-25years mainly for solar and wind power system.?With the continuous innovation and pursuit of perfection, CSPOWER has own professional Quality Management System since established. We have successfully got the certificates of ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environment management system, and passed the audit of OHSAS 18001. Also, we have received various product quality recognitions, like UK's IEC,?CE authentication of the European Union, RoHS, ISO9001, and TLC certificates in China.?In domestic market, our main customers include China Mobile Limited & Unicom Limited, ZTE Corporation, Delta Electronics Inc, Huawei Technologies, APC, Eaton and so on. And for overseas market, we have exported to over hundreds of countries such as: USA, Brazil, Italy, Greece, Germany, Spain, Russia, Iran, Korea, Thailand, South Africa, Nigeria, etc.Attn: Booiewww.csagmbattery.comTel: +8613266853849LinkenIn: Terminal BatteryAccumulators Telecom BatteryAGM batterydeep cycle battery?front access battery?front terminal batteriesfront access batteries12v150ah front access telecom battery12v 150ah front terminal telecom battery? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
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